Big-headed Ants (Pheidole sp.)

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Big-headed Ants are perfect for ant-keepers who want a colony with many soldiers that actively hunt as a team. They forage quite actively, and form foraging lines quickly once food is found. Live insects are taken down quickly with teamwork between minor workers and soldiers!

Difficulty Rating: Easy (1/5)

Scientific Name: Pheidole sp.

Common Name: Big-headed Ant

Size: Queens 13 mm, Workers 3-7 mm. Pheidole sp. colonies begin producing soldiers (major workers) soon after the queen's first workers

Bite/Sting: This ant will not sting ant keepers. Soldiers/major workers may be able to pinch soft skin.

Diet: These can thrive on the Pet Ants Manila powdered food alone - but will also accept almost all alternate sources of protein and sugar

Temperature: 18-30°C