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Big-headed Ant Starter PACK

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A complete starter kit for new keepers! Contains a queen and workers, an acrylic nest, an acrylic feeder, and months worth of our Complete Ant Food.

Big-headed Ants are perfect for ant-keepers who want a colony with many soldiers that actively hunt as a team. They forage quite actively, and form foraging lines quickly once food is found. Live insects are taken down quickly with teamwork between minor workers and soldiers!

The Big-headed Ant PACK includes

  1. Big-Headed Ant Colony - ₱2,000 - ₱3,500 depending on colony size
  2. Masid Acrylic Formicarium ₱3,000
  3. Two in One Feeder ₱150
  4. Pet Ants Manila Complete Ant Food ₱250