Asian Army Ants (Carebara sp.)

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Asian Army Ants are known for extreme size differences (1mm to 15mm) among workers. They are very aggressive, and form huge colonies!

Difficulty Rating: Very Difficult (5/5)

Scientific Name: Carebara.

Common Name: Asian Army Ants

Size: Queens 20 mm, Workers 1-15 mm. Carebara sp. produce larger worker castes as the colony matures

Bite/Sting: Workers are very aggressive - even the tiniest of workers will attempt to bite keepers. Larger majors may be able to bite through skin. This ant has no sting.

Diet: These can thrive on the Pet Ants Manila powdered food alone - but will also accept almost all alternate sources of protein and sugar. Asian Army Ants are also known to harvest seeds.

Temperature: 18-30°C